41. Bailter Space: Wammo

Here’s 1995’s Wammo, from Bailter Space.

All right. Here we go. I remember grabbing this one on a long and beer-soaked night, walking up and down, through the record stores on St. Mark’s. I’m not sure why I grabbed it, but this is the one that, many years later, has resulted in you reading about how iffy I’ve become on Bailter Space’s music.

This is a good album, though. I agree with what some other sites say, that they’ve sort of lost something with this album. I can see that, but what they lost, they made up for with a couple of unusually catchy songs at the start of the album, like “Untied” and “Splat.” In fact, I think “Splat” is a pretty good pop number. I don’t know if it’s worth seeking out but if you find a used copy of this (look at me, assuming you’re still listening to CDs, too), it’s worth a few bucks.


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