37. Bailter Space: Tanker / Nelsh

Here’s Tanker, from 1988. It’s the first full-length album by New Zealand’s Bailter Space. This version. which is a reissue from 1995 also has their 1987 EP Nelsh included at the end.


For a while back when, I was really into Bailter Space, but as I went through their CDs, I couldn’t find much to grab onto, or any real reason to remember why I liked them so much. They’re loud, noisy, and droney. Not really what I’ve ever been into, so maybe I was just after something different. Who can say, really? A lot of what they do starts to sound a lot alike very quickly. This isn’t bad, but it’s just not for me anymore. I think I could safely not own this one anymore, and maybe keep a couple of their other CDs instead.


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