36. Badly Drawn Boy: The Hour of The Bewilderbeast

From the year 2000, here’s The Hour of The Bewilderbeast by Badly Drawn Boy.

Badly Drawn Boy - The Hour of the Bewilderbeast.jpg
By The cover art can be obtained from the record label., Fair use, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=11694408

The Hour of Bewilderbeast is the first full-length album by Damon Gough, who performed (still performs, maybe?) under the name Badly Drawn Boy. I grabbed this CD not long after it was released because I heard “The Shining” and “Another Pearl” on the online Internet radio, as it was in 2000. I always liked this one, but never thought it was really as great as it could have been. There was just something missing. You know how it is. There’s a good song, so you grab the record, but when you get it home, it just seems like something’s missing.

This isn’t a bad album, not at all; it’s quite good, but it’s just off somehow. It’s okay, but nothing great.


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