35. J. S. Bach: The Ultimate Organ Collection

I couldn’t find a good picture of the CD cover, but here we have “The Ultimate Organ Colleciton” by Johann Sebastian Bach, from Excelsior’s Classic Gold line.


I picked this one up for very little money a bunch of years ago, and remember listening to it when I was working or doing other things. It was, at the time, a strange choice, sure, but it worked for me as background music. Now, though…. I put this on as I was cooking dinner one night after work, while the rest of the family was off somewhere. It’s a strange experience listening to something like this, which seems, really, very churchy. It was, of course. That was the idea behind most of it, but to have your kitchen filled with this for over an hour is just a lot. It’s very heavy stuff. By the time this ended, I felt as if I’d repented enough, and I’m not even a religious guy.


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