34. Aztec Camera: Stray

From 1990, Stray is the fourth album by Scottish band Aztec Camera.


When I grabbed Stray, “The Crying Scene” was around quite a bit, especially on MTV’s “120 Minutes” show. It’s a pretty terrific song, but like a lot of things, I never really got past the one. Not for any reason, really. I just got it for the one and that’s where it stopped for me.

If the rest of this project falls apart, if it stops being fun, there’s one thing that’s for sure. It’ll have been worth it just to get to this CD. It’s got some pop songs, some softer acoustic songs, a little bit of jazz. I think I even heard Mick Jones from the Clash and Big Audio Dynamite in there, too. It’s not quite regret, no, but I wish I’d given this one a good listen all those years ago. I’m listening to it now, as a matter of fact. Do yourself a favor and track down a copy.


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