31. Ass Ponys: Electric Rock Music

Cincinnati’s Ass Ponys put out Electric Rock Music way back in 1994.


I got this Electric Rock Music a whole bunch of years ago, after I discovered The Known Universe. There are some really high points on this album, the biggest of them all is probably the hit, though to say it was really a hit is a stretch,”Little Bastard,” but there’s some really terrific twangy, rock music here. Nothing really great, but it’s off-kilter and weird, and it’s fun to listen to. I don’t remember listening to this album very much; like I said, the other album was where it was at for me, and that’s a shame. All the songs have something to them, even if Chuck Cleaver’s singing is a bit much sometimes.

Yeah, what was called alt-country at the time was where kind of popular then, even though this might be kind of on the outskirts of that. Doesn’t much matter. The songs are quick, springy, and easy to like. I think I’ll probably go back to this one again. It’s too bad I haven’t listened to it more over the years.



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