26. The Arcade Fire: Funeral

From Montreal, Quebec, Canada, here’s The Arcade Fire’s first full-length, Funeral. I really liked this one when it first came out.

By Source, Fair use, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=6782179

Funeral is right there in that sweet spot between big stadium rock, and medium-sized club art-rock. If it were years and years ago, I could see myself seeing these guys at Irving Plaza. Maybe I’d grab a burger at the space-themed diner right next door.

Most everyone’s heard this album a billion times. It’s a superstar among superstars of albums. It’s really terrific. My main problem, and maybe the reason they never really become one of my favorite bands, is because I found the vocals to be a bit too operatic. I wanted them to be less emphatic, less…. okay, I’ll say it, less high, less soaring. Less dramatic. I love the music, and when that, maybe shrillness is too harsh a word, isn’t there, it’s absolutely brilliant. It was great giving this another listen this past weekend. I’ve really missed this record, which might be a strange thing to say. It’s not like it’s been traveling or in some other city. It’s been right where I left it. It’s not the kind of album I can go back to over and over, though, so I tend to overlook it because that voice sometimes makes it more difficult to listen to than I’m prepared for. Like I say, though, I’ve missed this album, so I’m definitely going to let it  run around in my CD player for a bit.


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