23. An Emotional Fish: Junk Puppets

From 1993, Junk Puppets is An Emotional Fish’s second album.


This is one of those albums. It has that particular kind of 90s, post-grunge, all over the place kind of sound that other bands were messing with at the time. Some rock, some funk, some dancy stuff. The first track “Rain” was the single, and shows off a very different sound than the one on the band had on their first album. All in all, this is another okay record. Nothing great, and nothing terrible. It’s got some fun to it, though, so it has that going for it. I’m not sure I need to go back to this one, but I can’t really think of any compelling reason not to hang onto it. There are a lot of good songs, but no great ones. “Half Moon,” toward the end, jumped out at me. It’s an okay album by an okay band, but nothing more, unfortunately. I’d really like to like these guys more. Though, since it’s over 20 years old now, it’s hard to say it’s important. Extra points for the instrumental hidden track at the end, which sounds like the theme to a 1970s TV drama miniseries.


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