22. An Emotional Fish

This is the first, self-titled, album by Irish band An Emotional Fish, from 1990. This song “Celebration” showed up on WDRE 92.7 FM on Long Island just in time for me to start buying CDs all the time.


Before today, I remember only giving a couple of the songs a good listen. Twenty-five years, though, is a long time, so here we are again. “Celebrate” is still a pretty terrific number. I’ve always liked the way it starts off, and starts off the album, with just a plucky bass guitar bit. The other better songs “Grey Matter,” “All I Am,” and “Change” are also still pretty good and had me singing along, to the annoyance of my coworkers.

It’s pretty hard to listen to this one and not hear mid-era U2, though Gerard Whelan’s vocals are certainly different and unusual. At the time, that was probably too much of a good thing, even for U2 themselves. I wish I’d given this album more of a shot than I must have, but better late than never. It’s good, but not great, but I’m glad to have gone back to it again. I always like finding something that feels new in among something that’s old. Maybe this’ll be of those.


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