14. The Alarm: Change

From 1989, Change was The Alarm’s fourth album. I always liked the cover of this one, with the letters in the word “Alarm” cut out of the outer sleeve to make the photography on the inner sleeve visible.

The Alarm Change.jpg
Fair use, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=23443491

After the success I had going back to the first couple of The Alarm’s albums, I was looking forward to giving Change another shot. I never really liked this one very much. It always seemed strange to me that they’d reinvent themselves as a blues-rock outfit. So, it wasn’t really my style, and it seemed weird. “Sold Me Down The River” was the single off this one, and, maybe “Devolution Working Man Blues,” too. The first of those, is still worth singing along to but that’s about as far as it goes with this one.

As an interesting side note, this album was also released in Welsh and called Newid. If you had any question about my Alarm-fan cred, I, as a non-Welsh speaker, have that one on vinyl. Yeah, I rule.

This wasn’t a very good album them, and it isn’t now. The good news is I can’t find my copies of Raw or their first live album, Electric Folklore: Live, both of which made this album look fantastic. So, there’s that to be happy about


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