9. The Asilers Set: Terrible Things Happen

When I pulled Terrible Things Happen, from way back in 1998, out of the box yesterday, I wasn’t sure what I’d think. It’s certainly strange to think that one’s nearly 20 year’s old, that’s for sure. Even when this album came out, I kind of knew a lot of this stuff — 90s indie rock — was sort of short-lived. It’s good, and I remember being particularly fond of this record, but with a short shelf-life. I used to love them, but when’s the last time I listened to a Wheat album?


What you’ve got here is a quick bunch of concise, compact, and understated pop songs. I imagined the band standing and playing on a tiny stage in the corner of a noisy bar, barely being noticed. Most of the songs keep moving along throughout, never really making waves, but always being really solid. “Long Division,” though, was so stuck in my head last night that I lost a little sleep because I couldn’t stop singing it to myself.

Nothing here is going to make you jump out of your chair, neither to dance nor to turn off the stereo. It’s a good record to have around.



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